MATRIC for Windows 1.53.6 released!

MATRIC keeps getting better!
MATRIC for Windows 1.53.6 has been released with plenty of new features and bugfixes

  • Toggle buttons!!!
    The most requested feature is here (little checkbox in button appearance panel).This is only visual effect and should not impact button function
  • Refactoring MATRIC Integration API work in progress.There will be a nice C# wrapper available, but more on that later
  • Maximum number of screenshots when sharing deck increased from three to eight
  • Joystick axis auto reset on release
    You can specify a value to which an axis will be (re)set when you lift your finger
  • Text action - to clipboard
    In text action, you can specify to either type the text or send it to clipboard
  • Bugfix - possible crash when using OBS studio
  • Bugfix - sometimes MATRIC doesn't display sources/scenes when assigning OBS Studio command to a button
  • Bugfix - some buttons would not work on VERY large decks
  • Bugfix - vjoy invert axis not working
  • Bugfix - possible fix for corrupted settings file

Posted 3 years ago by Tomislav