MATRIC has always been a popular choice for building interfaces for DCS World flight simulator. The complex nature of realistic flight simulator often demands custom hardware for maximum immersion. MATRIC provides a convenient and cost effective way to extend the virtual cockpit from PC to tablets and phones (no need to dedicated flightsim hardware your existing phone or tablet can be used).

While usiing MATRIC as a simple "button box" is trivial and good enough for many - MATRIC can be integrated with applications in a much tigher manner. DCS World in particular allows very robust 2-way integration with hardware and software, however in case of MATRIC there was no "out of the box" solution to make the process easier - integration did require a fair bit of time investment (see previous blog posts).

Enter the DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware!

DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware is a standalone application which uses DCS-BIOS, a de-facto standard interface for DCS World and feeds MATRIC the data (variables) to keep MATRIC in sync with the simulator. Long story short - the middleware removes the need to fiddle with DCS Export lua thus making it much easier to build immersive panels for your virtual cockpit.

DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware Main Screen

DBMM export variables configuration screen

MATRIC button state bound to DCS variable

Where to get DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware?

DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware is free and open source app, available on github:


So what's next?

Middleware is fully functional (although I call it beta because you never know what weird & wonderful stuff happens on other people's computers) and I hope to produce a detailed step by step tutorial video on how to use this convenient addition to MATRIC in near future, in the meantime join our Discord for news, updates and support


Posted 3 months ago by Tomislav