MATRIC 1.61 is released

1.61 Brings two major new features

  • Support for Bluetooth connectivity via Windows Mobile Hotspot
    You can now use MATRIC over Bluetooth by utilizing Windows 10 Mobile Hotspot. You need to update MATRIC Android client to latest version to take advantage of this feature.
  • HTTP request button action
    Enables you to send tailor-made HTTP requests from MATRIC at a push of a button. Handy if you want MATRIC to trigger actions on smart devices, social media or any other platform that supports HTTP.

Minor changes and bugfixes

  • Separate update installation version (will be available on click in MATRIC on Windows) - won't mess up your decks or reinstall defaults or check prerequisites (VC++ and .Net) resulting in more robust and leaner upgrade process
  • New config file location Documents\MATRIC\config
  • More popular decks included in default installation
  • Bugfix: Log file not shown in UI
  • Bugfix: Button properties panel for VJoy action not opening vjoy download window
  • Bugfix: Button animation in library panel not shown if button has autorepeat flag set
  • Bugfix: UI glitch in settings dialog

Posted 3 years ago by Tomislav