MATRIC 1.62 beta

Beta 1.62 is available for download here


You will have to uninstall any version lower then 1.62 before installing.


We switched to WiX installer system. This gives us signifficant new possibilities like automatically configuring firewall during setup, better control over prerequisites installation (Visual C++ runtime and .Net framework). Only downside so far is that you will have to uninstall any version prior to 1.62 before installing 1.62 or higher.

While switching to WiX wasn't easy (to put it mildly), I strongly believe it is a right step towards better user experience and less setup related issues. Please report any issues to our Discord.

User-configurable network ports - to get rid of those pesky Hyper-V conflicts. Do not change Server discovery port until new Android client (with configurable server discovery port is available on Google Play)


  • Fix app crash if Run App action target does not exist
  • Fix app crash if Hotkey action is malformed
  • Fix properly mark update message as read when clicked

Posted 3 years ago by Tomislav