MATRIC Server 1.64 is here!

MATRIC Server 1.64 is here!

1.64 has been released, these are the new features:

  • Windows client support
    Windows client makes it possible to use Windows devices as MATRIC clients.
    While in general it does not make sense to use Windows client on the same PC which is running MATRIC Server (hotkeys and macros wouldn't work as the client would be just sending keystrokes to itself) in some cases it might be useful, for example if using secondary touch screen as OBS Studio deck


  • Touchpad zone button "action" makes the button a touchpad surface
    While MATRIC did support touchpad emulation before, it would show in a different screen. Now you can embed the touchpad surface as you would any button in the deck, just add button and choose "Touchpad zone" as action.


  • Embed web page "action" enables embedding web pages and HTML fragments in MATRIC deck, however due to various limitations your mileage may vary (some web sites won't allow embedding), e.g. Google maps works, YouTube doesn't.
    It does open interesting possibilities like embedding other apps inside MATRIC.


  • Improved macro editor - now you won't have to record macro all over again if you make a mistake, it is possible to edit keystrokes


Posted 3 years ago by Tomislav