Matric Server beta for Windows™ 2.8.40

Matric Server beta 2.8.40 brings some significant improvements that deserve more detailed description.

The most significant new feature is experimental USB (wired) connection support. It enables you to use MATRIC in environments where WiFi connectivity is not available, for example in corporate environment where your PC probably won't be connected to the same network as your tablet/smartphone

Automatic binding of actions to control state is major productivity improvement. In previous versions of MATRIC some actions like OBS related ones and Windows Audio mixer were hard coded to control state - e.g. if you have a button that switch scenes in OBS studio when the scene is active - button lights up (active state). Problem with that approach is that you have absolutely no control over this behavior.
In version 2.8  we introduced the concept of variables which can be bound to controls so for example if you have a variable called obs_scene_active_<Scene name> you can bind it to any button's state to achieve the synchronization between OBS and MATRIC. Issue was that you had to create the binding yourself which in most common case can be seen as unnecessary complication.
In 2.8.40 you will notice a new button on OBS and Windows Mixer actions that will do the work for you in single click while still leaving you the option to develop your own logic with variables. This is a major productivity improvement.

Speaking of productivity, now you can easily switch default/active background and foreground colors and images with one click on the swap button

Significant effort went into improvement of the Desktop Mirror feature. It should be able to hit higher framerate with less CPU impact on PC especially when using multiple mirrors

Some bugs were corrected: 

  • BUGFIX: fixed issue - run app action not working
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue - crash when exiting app from tray menu

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always - if you want to support MATRIC rate and review the app!

Posted 4 months ago by Tomislav