MATRIC Server - the road ahead

MATRIC Server - the road ahead

With iOS client (finally) released, focus shifts a bit towards MATRIC server. I've been doing major internal refactoring which greatly simplifies further development. Although this won't be visible to users it was a major undertaking to pave the road for future development.

Regarding client facing features there are two major ones:

Focus on OBS Studio integration

- OBS Websocket 5.x compatibility which means you won't have to download compatibility plugins as  OBS websocket comes out of the box with OBS Studio.

- Simplified UI for configuring OBS actions, some things were really not needed or used while others were missing (like manipulating Virtual Camera)

- More robust and reliable

In principle it is working but needs a lot of testing (there are a lot of commands supported)

MATRIC Server Variables

Variables are a new power feature. In a nutshell, MATRIC modules like Windows Audio Mixer and OBS plugin create and update a bunch of variables that is symbols which hold some value. For example variable that holds your current Windows volume or variable with name of the current OBS scene, recording status etc. Users can now bind things like button text, button state, slider value etc to those variables. Before, users had no control over such things (except Integration API).

Some highlights of variables in MATRIC:

You can define your own variables which can be dynamicaly calculated from any other variables. Very easy to do by writing a snippet of Javascript directly in MATRIC!

When binding control text or state to variable - you can also use Javascript to transform the value (example from the picture sets button text to numeric value but also creates a description of volume level)

In not so distant future variables will be supported by Integration API so apps can read and provide variables to MATRIC


All in all exciting things ahead, but always with No.1 priority of keeping it simple (even when adding advanced features)

Posted 5 months ago by Tomislav