MATRIC Roadmap

I believe it is time to reveal plans for the future of MATRIC.

Major focus is to create a unified multi-platform client covering Android, IOS, Windows and MacOS. The effort is well under way and pretty soon betas will be available for public testing. This is where the community help will be extremely valuable by providing feedback.

The sequence of milestones is as follows:

1) New Windows server - it is necessary to support the new client as well as support "legacy" Android client. So old clients will still be able to work with new server, new clients will require server version minimum version of 2.6.

2) New Android client - first we will roll out multi platform client on Android platform as we already have well established store integration and user base. First the beta followed by release when we're confident it is as reliable as the current Android client.

3) IOS client - probably the most frequent question regarding MATRIC was "Can I get it on my iPad?". With new client - it will be supported! The prototype is already running, most of the work left is integration with the Apple store. After integration and internal testing is completed, there will be a TestFlight release. I will post the announcement on Discord looking for volunteers :). Finally when we receive feedback from testers we will release the IOS client. MacOS client might be released concurrently with IOS version.

4) New Windows client - This will replace the current "experimental" Windows client, I was genuinely surprised so many people use it. New client is fully functional - in fact it is my main development/testing platform for the new client, however, platform integration with Microsoft Store will take some effort.


Posted 10 months ago by Tomislav