Version 1.26 released

This release brings several new features:

  • Native support for OBS Studio!
    - now you can assign OBS Studio commands to MATRIC buttons
    - requires obs-websocket plugin 4.7. Get the installer here
    - video will be coming shortly
  • Flexible layout editor in Windows app, now it is easier to edit large decks as layout editor expands to fill the available window space. Use the zoom slider on top to adjust the zoom as appropriate.
  • Added new method to integration API SETBUTTONSVISUALSTATE - enables you to simply set button state to on (pressed) or off (not pressed).
    Updated example and docs are available on github
  • Increased the number of available rows and columns to allow for more creative layouts (while it does not make sense to place 400 buttons on a single page, but it does enable more creative freedom)


  • Fixed button misalignment when dragging in the editor
  • Fixed sound bug - missing button click sound on pages other then default
  • Fixed bug on some older Android devices causing the client to not load decks

Posted 4 years ago by Tomislav