MATRIC has always been a popular choice for building interfaces for DCS World flight simulator. The complex nature of realistic flight simulator often demands custom hardware for maximum immersion. MATRIC provides a convenient and cost effective way to extend the virtual cockpit from PC to tablets and phones (no need to dedicated flightsim hardware your existing phone or tablet can be used).

While usiing MATRIC as a simple "button box" is trivial and good enough for many - MATRIC can be integrated with applications in a much tigher manner. DCS World in particular allows very robust 2-way integration with hardware and software, however in case of MATRIC there was no "out of the box" solution to make the process easier - integration did require a fair bit of time investment (see previous blog posts).

Enter the DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware!

DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware is a standalone application which uses DCS-BIOS, a de-facto standard interface for DCS World and feeds MATRIC the data (variables) to keep MATRIC in sync with the simulator. Long story short - the middleware removes the need to fiddle with DCS Export lua thus making it much easier to build immersive panels for your virtual cockpit.

DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware Main Screen

DBMM export variables configuration screen

MATRIC button state bound to DCS variable

Where to get DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware?

DCS-BIOS MATRIC Middleware is free and open source app, available on github:


So what's next?

Middleware is fully functional (although I call it beta because you never know what weird & wonderful stuff happens on other people's computers) and I hope to produce a detailed step by step tutorial video on how to use this convenient addition to MATRIC in near future, in the meantime join our Discord for news, updates and support


Matric Server beta for Windows™ 2.8.40

Matric Server beta 2.8.40 brings some significant improvements that deserve more detailed description.

The most significant new feature is experimental USB (wired) connection support. It enables you to use MATRIC in environments where WiFi connectivity is not available, for example in corporate environment where your PC probably won't be connected to the same network as your tablet/smartphone

Automatic binding of actions to control state is major productivity improvement. In previous versions of MATRIC some actions like OBS related ones and Windows Audio mixer were hard coded to control state - e.g. if you have a button that switch scenes in OBS studio when the scene is active - button lights up (active state). Problem with that approach is that you have absolutely no control over this behavior.
In version 2.8  we introduced the concept of variables which can be bound to controls so for example if you have a variable called obs_scene_active_<Scene name> you can bind it to any button's state to achieve the synchronization between OBS and MATRIC. Issue was that you had to create the binding yourself which in most common case can be seen as unnecessary complication.
In 2.8.40 you will notice a new button on OBS and Windows Mixer actions that will do the work for you in single click while still leaving you the option to develop your own logic with variables. This is a major productivity improvement.

Speaking of productivity, now you can easily switch default/active background and foreground colors and images with one click on the swap button

Significant effort went into improvement of the Desktop Mirror feature. It should be able to hit higher framerate with less CPU impact on PC especially when using multiple mirrors

Some bugs were corrected: 

  • BUGFIX: fixed issue - run app action not working
  • BUGFIX: fixed issue - crash when exiting app from tray menu

Stay tuned for more updates, and as always - if you want to support MATRIC rate and review the app!

MATRIC Server - the road ahead

MATRIC Server - the road ahead

With iOS client (finally) released, focus shifts a bit towards MATRIC server. I've been doing major internal refactoring which greatly simplifies further development. Although this won't be visible to users it was a major undertaking to pave the road for future development.

Regarding client facing features there are two major ones:

Focus on OBS Studio integration

- OBS Websocket 5.x compatibility which means you won't have to download compatibility plugins as  OBS websocket comes out of the box with OBS Studio.

- Simplified UI for configuring OBS actions, some things were really not needed or used while others were missing (like manipulating Virtual Camera)

- More robust and reliable

In principle it is working but needs a lot of testing (there are a lot of commands supported)

MATRIC Server Variables

Variables are a new power feature. In a nutshell, MATRIC modules like Windows Audio Mixer and OBS plugin create and update a bunch of variables that is symbols which hold some value. For example variable that holds your current Windows volume or variable with name of the current OBS scene, recording status etc. Users can now bind things like button text, button state, slider value etc to those variables. Before, users had no control over such things (except Integration API).

Some highlights of variables in MATRIC:

You can define your own variables which can be dynamicaly calculated from any other variables. Very easy to do by writing a snippet of Javascript directly in MATRIC!

When binding control text or state to variable - you can also use Javascript to transform the value (example from the picture sets button text to numeric value but also creates a description of volume level)

In not so distant future variables will be supported by Integration API so apps can read and provide variables to MATRIC


All in all exciting things ahead, but always with No.1 priority of keeping it simple (even when adding advanced features)

MATRIC Roadmap

I believe it is time to reveal plans for the future of MATRIC.

Major focus is to create a unified multi-platform client covering Android, IOS, Windows and MacOS. The effort is well under way and pretty soon betas will be available for public testing. This is where the community help will be extremely valuable by providing feedback.

The sequence of milestones is as follows:

1) New Windows server - it is necessary to support the new client as well as support "legacy" Android client. So old clients will still be able to work with new server, new clients will require server version minimum version of 2.6.

2) New Android client - first we will roll out multi platform client on Android platform as we already have well established store integration and user base. First the beta followed by release when we're confident it is as reliable as the current Android client.

3) IOS client - probably the most frequent question regarding MATRIC was "Can I get it on my iPad?". With new client - it will be supported! The prototype is already running, most of the work left is integration with the Apple store. After integration and internal testing is completed, there will be a TestFlight release. I will post the announcement on Discord looking for volunteers :). Finally when we receive feedback from testers we will release the IOS client. MacOS client might be released concurrently with IOS version.

4) New Windows client - This will replace the current "experimental" Windows client, I was genuinely surprised so many people use it. New client is fully functional - in fact it is my main development/testing platform for the new client, however, platform integration with Microsoft Store will take some effort.


DCS integration: Ka-50 V2

DCS integration: Ka-50 V2

MATRIC has gained a lot of new capabilities since my first quick&dirty Ka-50 shwcase, so let's see if I can do it even better this time using 2.x features.

1) Download the export script at https://matricapp.com/download/matricka50v2.lua and place it in your DCS Scripts folder (In my case it is Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts

2) Add this line to your Export.lua file 


3) Download the Ka-50 deck from https://community.matricapp.com/deck/437/dcs-ka-50-landscape Just double click it to import if you're downloading via browser.

4) To have a nice LCD font on UV-26 display, download "DS-Digital" font from https://www.dafont.com/ds-digital.font and unzip it to your Documents/MATRIC/fonts folder

5) Open MATRIC settings, tab API INTEGRATION and make sure that "Enable 3rd party integration" is CHECKED and "Require integration PIN" is NOT CHECKED 

6) Load the deck in MATRIC on your mobile device and enjoy


JF-17 Thunder UFCP with MATRIC

Quite a while ago I did a Ka-50 proof of concept to demonstrate how to use DCS export to integrate MATRIC with DCS. I decided to revisit DCS inspired by some very creative members of the community and do another DCS-MATRIC showcase.

I'll show you how you can use MATRIC as UFCP and it is much easier to set up with MATRIC 2.0

1) Download the export script here: https://matricapp.com/download/matricjf17.lua and place it in your DCS Scripts folder (In my case it is Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\Scripts

2) Add this line to your Export.lua file   


3) Download the JF-17 UFCP deck from MATRIC community gallery (there is a version with and without key bindings). Just double click it to import

4) Open MATRIC settings, tab API INTEGRATION and make sure that "Enable 3rd party integration" is CHECKED and "Require integration PIN" is NOT CHECKED 

5) Load the deck in MATRIC on your mobile device and enjoy



Many thanks to Calamardo for help with lua

MATRIC Server 1.65.10 change log

  • Fixed: Auto deck switcher bug (can not select target device)
  • Fixed: material icons not displayed on buttons
  • Added showcase deck to default install
  • Enhancement: Remember currently open page on client when reloading deck due to save on server
  • Enhancement: Added customCSS for iframe action, the idea is you can scale and style iframe for better fit on the deck
  • Change: Removed object-fit and object-position properties for iframe action as they didn't work as desired
  • Change: Sandbox attribute applied by default for iframe action. you have to explicitly allow scripts etc using sandbox attribute

MATRIC Server 1.64 is here!

MATRIC Server 1.64 is here!

1.64 has been released, these are the new features:

  • Windows client support
    Windows client makes it possible to use Windows devices as MATRIC clients.
    While in general it does not make sense to use Windows client on the same PC which is running MATRIC Server (hotkeys and macros wouldn't work as the client would be just sending keystrokes to itself) in some cases it might be useful, for example if using secondary touch screen as OBS Studio deck


  • Touchpad zone button "action" makes the button a touchpad surface
    While MATRIC did support touchpad emulation before, it would show in a different screen. Now you can embed the touchpad surface as you would any button in the deck, just add button and choose "Touchpad zone" as action.


  • Embed web page "action" enables embedding web pages and HTML fragments in MATRIC deck, however due to various limitations your mileage may vary (some web sites won't allow embedding), e.g. Google maps works, YouTube doesn't.
    It does open interesting possibilities like embedding other apps inside MATRIC.


  • Improved macro editor - now you won't have to record macro all over again if you make a mistake, it is possible to edit keystrokes


1.63 - Embedding web pages and touchpad zone

1.63 - Embedding web pages and touchpad zone

Embed Web page - enables you to embed a web page directly into MATRIC decks e.g. Google maps

Touchpad zone - similar to touchpad but instead of opening a special dedicated touchpad screen, touchpad surface is inline with buttons on the deck page

Aviation button templates released under CC license

Our most popular deck is "Aviation button templates", we decided to release the source files under Creative Commons license. The zip file contains graphics with layers in 3 formats: original Affinity Designer format, EPS and Photoshop PSD. Attribution is optional.

Aviation button templates


Creative Commons License
Aircraft buttons by MATRIC is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.
Based on a work at https://matricapp.com/download/aircraft_buttons.zip.