Version 1.19 released

This release solves the following issues:

  • fixes a bug related to editing multipage decks

First public release!

The first public release of MATRIC is out, check it out

Today is a great day for the MATRIC Team, our first public release is out. You can join our discord and ask as anything, we'd be more than happy to receive feedback and answer your questions.

Version 1.18 released

This release solves the following issues:

  • Handle corrupted config file issue
  • Refresh the decks list when new deck is imported

Version 1.16 released

Below are the highlights of release version 1.16:

  • Integration API - 3rd party integration
    Integration API allows 3rd party applications to use MATRIC as output device, deck can be loaded, page set and button properties can be changed via API to reflect the state of the application.

    For example: media player could display the name of the song in MATRIC, shooter game could display ammo/health etc.
  • We created a simple demo project on Github MATRIC Integration API Demo to get you started with integrating your application with MATRIC.

Version 1.15 released

Below are the highlights of release version 1.15:

  • Deck sharing - You can share your creations on community gallery
  • Haptic feedback - implemented vibration feedback for button presses, can be turned off in client settings
  • Connected clients list - View connected devices, disconnect and unpair devices
  • Dynamic font scaling - Button text size is now relative to button unit size
  • Server UI enhancements - for more consistent user experience (font sizes, controls dimensions), highlighted some key controls and Ui hints (selected deck and page highlighted in accent color)
  • Other - Various bugfixes and performance improvement in both client and server